Hey there. We’re KBVIZ STUDIO.

We’re a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on residential, commercial and interior design. We’re a team of skilled designers and creators with a black book of consultants, suppliers and builders. We pride ourselves on creating well-designed spaces that, in turn, bring pride to those who live and work in them.

You could describe our style as ‘functional minimalism’, focusing on those details that make a space perfect for everyday use. Our projects are personalised to you, your lifestyle, and your environment. Meaning we can create refined spaces that reflect their purpose and made with the best in contemporary, sustainable materials.

We apply this approach to every new home, renovation, or retail project we touch. Our portfolio speaks for itself; so do our referrals. Get in touch if you’re curious about our work or want to discuss a new project. We want to hear from you.

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